Terms of Service

Please read our terms of service carefully before using our service

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Terms of Service

1. Acceptance of Terms

By using hydraproxy.net (referred to as "the Site" or "we"), you agree to comply with the following Terms of Service ("Terms"). You also acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of our Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, and any applicable local laws.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms. Any significant changes will be communicated through the Site or email. Continued use of hydraproxy.net after changes implies acceptance of the updated Terms.

2. User Responsibility

Users are responsible for their use of the services offered on hydraproxy.net. We are not liable for damages or losses resulting from such use. Users release us from claims related to disputes with third parties arising from the use of our services. All accessed content is at your own risk, and any resulting losses are your responsibility.

3. Prohibited Actions

Users must use hydraproxy.net responsibly and avoid actions such as spamming, distributing malicious software, or attempting unauthorized access. Users should not interfere with the proper functioning of the services or bypass security measures.

4. Third-Party Links

Links to external websites on hydraproxy.net are user responsibilities. We do not control or endorse the content on those sites. Payment processing partners have their terms of service.

5. Subscription

We offer one-time purchases and subscriptions. Prices may change, and users will be notified of any increase in advance.

6. Stripe Payments

By authorizing payments, users permit us to collect or reverse payments. Currency conversion fees may apply. Users will be notified before charges are made.

7. Account Creation

To use our services, users must be at least 18 years old. Account information must be accurate. Users are responsible for account activity and password security.

8. Service Unavailability

We aim to provide reliable service, but we are not liable for economic losses due to service unavailability.

9. Refunds

Refunds are not provided; small trials are available.

10. Account Deletion

Users can delete their accounts by emailing [email protected]. Certain data will be deleted except for invoices.

11. Our Rights

We reserve the right to modify services, eligibility, and terminate accounts as necessary.

12. Usage of Proxies

Refer to our Appropriate Use Policy.

13. Dispute Resolution

Disputes are handled under the laws of the United Kingdom.

14. Entire Agreement

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between users and hydraproxy.net, superseding all other communications.

15. Miscellaneous

These Terms are personal and cannot be assigned without our consent.